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JimSower said...

To my business associate and best friend:

I love to see you being energized with laughter, enthusiasm, and glowing inspiration as you are about to witness the advent of your amazing successes and the crystallization of your dream goal in life.

May your flesh heart full of love continue to warm and radiate light into people's life. I want to see and experience your steps along the way, as you climb at the ladder of success.

May our heavenly Father gives you the graces and blessings to become a difference in the lives of many people around you. GOD BLESS.

maya said...

"Why do we have so many men turned into women these days?"may i know the meaning of this sentence sir?...

georix said...

Thanks Maya for the visit and taking time to read my post from which you lifted the statement (question) that you now ask me to clarify. You may not have been mindful of it because it is now generally regarded as a normal occurrence, but you see, gays have not always been vocal about their sexuality as they are these days. And cases of sex change were few and far between. Now the gay population is growing exponentially. Why? Is it part of the so-called evolutionary process?

Now, may I ask: As a would-be parent (I suppose that you are still single), even now, can you imagine yourself becoming a mother to a gay son? Would you be happy that you will be?

Being gay is not natural, contrary to common belief. Gays are made not born. They become .... Thanks again and have a nice day. :)

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