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Monday, August 3, 2009

I Stand Corrected ...

Hello again,

How are you today?

Oh how time passes by real fast. We're into another brand new month. I wonder what's in store for us in the closing months of the year.

I'd been busy the past two weeks, I hadn't had time to even visit my blog. But today I deliberately took time off to make another posting and how pleasantly suprised I was when I saw a comment to my last post.

Boy, am I glad for it! And also, because the traffic map indicated visits from both sides of the globe. Which means, my blog is also visited and read. All along I thought it's just some kind of a billboard standing in the fringes of cyberspace, far out of surfers' reach.

Let me take this opportunity to thank Crystaline for posting a comment to my last blog post. Judging by the name, I think it's safe to assume that the writer is a she. For no "he" would ever call himself by that name unles he is a "s/he." :)

At first, I thought of just responding to her comment but a glitch in my computer had everything that I have already written wiped off completely. I tried to rewrite the original but my memory failed me for the exact words.

That made me decide to write a full blog instead.

Thank you very much Crystaline for the comment and for being nice with it. In a sense, you breathed life into my blog. At last, it has become what it was planned to be as stated in the header.

Thank you very much, too, for providing information about Barry Manilow's "I Write The Songs," that I'm sure not many people knew about, myself included (please see comment).

I stand corrected for writing that Barry wrote the song. How stupid of me to be very casual about the matter because most singers don't write the songs they sing, although Barrry is a song writer himself. I apologize.

Allow me, however, to clarify some points vis-a-vis my blog post.

My mention of Barry and "I Write The Songs," was purely incidental. The thought of mentioning him and the song in my post did not even enter my mind until I was about to write the closing parapraph of my piece.

Please don't get me wrong. Barry Manilow is one of my favorite singers and "I Write The Songs" was my favorite tune when it was hitting the top of the charts in the '70s, until a friend called my attention to the subtle message behind the lyrics of said song.

I did not accept his argument outright but in the course of time, as I pondered the matter, I have come to see that my friend was right. The message indeed was so perfectly crafted that it blended beautifully with the enchanting melody. And it has some magical power in it such that anyone singing the song would find himself deeply immersed and carried away, not just entertained.

He gets captivated, lifted up and then feels glorified. Some tremendous power sweeps over him and makes him relate to the song as though it's him that the music speaks about. Yes, that's how I felt back then whenever I sang and hummed the tune as it saturated the airwaves.

Who could have masterfully written the song without inspiration from the greatest invisible composer that ever lived ... and continues to live? He himself said he's "BEEN ALIVE FOREVER."

To a discerning mind, however, the words were inspired by the MASTER MUSICIAN to reveal himself and to make the world understand, in no uncertain terms, that he is lord and that he can make anyone sway to his pleasure and entertainment, via music.

Of course, not every song is inspired or influenced by the GREAT MUSICIAN. But countless MANY are.

I hope you will not get the impression that I presume to be a critic of songs and singers. Far from it. I am not qualified in any way for the job. And I acknowledge my own limitations. In fact, I am not an accomplished writer. English is not even my native tongue.

I am able to write only because I love writing, albeit, ordinary and not up to literati standards.

So there. I hope I have made myself clear vis-a-vis Crystline's comment lest she thinks: 'who does this guy think he is?' :)

For the truth is: I'm nothing. I'm just sharing my simple observation of the world we live in and our puniness in relation to the grand scheme of creation -- just micro specks in the vast, limitless universe -- yet with a potential so awesome our limited human minds cannot fully comprehend. As the great psalmist wrote: "What is man that thou art mindful of him ...?"

Note this: in the realm of the invisible ... in the dark alleys of cyberspace ... and in the deep recesses of our unsuspecting minds, dwells a VERY POWERFUL INFLUENCE that even the most brilliant and the mightiest among men cannot stand up to, on his own. How many great men have fallen from their pedestals because of the "Dark Force"?

Well, it's been another wonderful time that I had with you today. Thank you for sharing a moment with me as you read another piece of my mind. Please feel free to comment. Just be nice as Ms. Crystaline was. You are my friend whether you agree with me or not.

You matter to me, as a friend, much more than opinions and thoughts. Le's maintain an open mind. We can always "disagree without being disagreeable."

See you next post. Have a nice day. :)