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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Love, Marriage and Sex

Hello again. How are you doing?

Have you ever wondered ...

What is love ...?

Why is there such a thing as marriage? Why the need for it? Can't we just go on with our lives without it?

What is sex? Why does it have to be between man and woman? Why not man with man and woman with woman or man with animals?

This is serious discussion that I want to have with you today. I just hope that what I write here would not turn you off. If it does, I'm sorry.

First, let me say: I believe in GOD and the things He said which He caused to be written into a book, better known as the Bible, by His prophets who wrote as He put in their minds what to write or as He instructed them by direct, actual communication. This book survived the ravages of time and prevailed against "the gates of hell."

Of the millions of books ever written, no book has been as controversial -- and as popular -- as the Bible, particularly on the matter of the "Gospel of the Kingdom of God."

Notwithstanding the differing interpretations/opinions of religionists, preachers, evangelists, Bible scholars, ministers and what have you, I am more than convinced that, as written in the Bible, GOD will establish a literal kingdom on earth. And He gave signs when that will take place.

I take His word for it.

The Bible speaks about a profound mystery: "the mystery of the Kingdom of GOD."

This mystery is so profound no man -- no matter how intelligent -- can understand it unless GOD gives him understanding.

In that connection, I cannot thank God enough that He opened my mind to understand said mystery, in spite of myself -- a wretched sinner. He made me understand not because He favors me more than any man but for the accomplishment of His purpose. I could not have understood it on my own.

About the mystery of the kingdom, it may surprise you to know that LOVE, MARRIAGE AND SEX are part and parcel of it.

Today I want to share with you that understanding via an excerpt from the book GOD allowed me to write in spite of my limitations (I'm not an accomplished writer), titled: THE MYSTERY OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD. Here goes:

Our understanding of the mystery of the Kingdom of God will not be complete if we leave out the subject of love, marriage and sex. Regardless of how we view it, sex has everything to do with the Kingdom. Without sex, God’s purpose vis-à-vis mankind will not be realized. It was incorporated in God’s Master Plan of creation—the part that involved mankind—from the beginning. We will see shortly.

A good number of people, the prudes especially, regard the subject of sex as taboo when talking about God and religion. To them sex is evil—it is dirty. It should not be mentioned, even in casual conversations. On the other hand, the great majority find amusement on the subject. Often, it is the principal theme of songs, poems, advertisements, news, articles, movies, TV and stage shows, and every other activity man could engage in. But what is sex and why sex? Would mankind be better off without it?

It is very unfortunate, indeed, that because of the absence of understanding of the mystery of the Kingdom of God and the direct relation of sex to it, people have fallen into all sorts of trouble and misery involving sex. It is mankind’s greatest weakness. In the face of temptation men and women become powerless. Through the ages, the mighty and powerful—men of note and great caliber—have fallen because of sex scandals. Countless people lived miserable lives (many still do) because of unbridled sex. From the rich to what society calls “dregs,” most, if not everyone, gave in to the alluring appeal of sex at one time or another during their lifetime.

Just what is the purpose of sex?

We cannot have an objective, intelligent and sensible discussion of the subject unless we take it up in the context of the Kingdom of God. Our starting point would be God’s Plan of creating man to replicate Himself

Earlier, we have seen that because of God’s transcendent purpose in creating mankind which was to raise a family of like beings as Himself to populate the Kingdom that He was going to establish for His Son, it was of necessity that He created them physical beings in accordance with the natural law of reproduction or the direct transfer of the basic properties, attributes and qualities of the progenitor to the resultant offspring from generation to generation without loss of identity, regardless of the number of times the process is repeated—the “DNA” that science has come to call it.

With all the power available to Him (“For with God nothing is impossible” [Luke 1:37], God could have created Adam a single-celled living being capable of reproducing itself by fission like the amoeba, to achieve His purpose, but He did not. Instead, He created Adam multiple-celled incapable of reproducing himself, on his own. He needed a partner to perform the process. Why?

Let’s read Genesis 2:18, “the Lord God said, ‘It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for him.’” He then formed Eve from Adam’s body (verses 21-22) instead of forming her from dust as He did with Adam.

From this very brief account of Adam’s creation, God is giving us an insight into the deep meaning of love which is the basic component of His nature, the foundation of everything that He is. “God is Love” (1 John 4:16).

God imbued Adam with His basic attributes and traits, principal of which is love, that Adam would then pass on to His children and his children to their children, on down to each and every generation afterward. “Let us create man in our image, after our likeness,” God said (Gen 1:26). Thereafter He told Adam and Eve, “Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it” (verse 28).

In addition to other attributes, God created Adam with the capacity and the capability to feel and express God’s reciprocal love. It is a feeling of concern for others that is of equal degree as concern for self. It’s an innate desire for companionship and togetherness—to love and be loved. It’s not instinct as in the case of animals. This considered, logic will tell us that it was but natural, therefore, that God should create a woman as partner for man, for how could Adam love if he had no one to love with?

But why did it have to be a woman instead of another man? To answer the question, first we have to consider the natural law of reproduction involving begettal or impregnation in contrast to fission. Science will tell us that except for the single-celled amoeba that reproduces by fission or cell division, all other living creatures that are multiple-celled: animals, insects, and birds, reproduce through fertilization—the union of the sperm cell and egg cell which are present in separate entities—the male and the female.

By the process of conception, the physical properties, along with other attributes, of the parents are directly transmitted and developed in the offspring. This process of reproduction necessitates the intercourse between two opposite sexes (male and female) with distinct but complementary reproductive organs, to produce an offspring. There is no way that a child can be naturally conceived except by said process. Science has come up with “cloning” as alternative to this natural process but that is not acceptable to God.

That God created man necessarily to need a woman has everything to do with love. He created the woman from man in order that the man would desire for the woman who is part of himself; and for the woman to desire for the man of whom she is part. God meant for them to complement each other—to make complete what is lacking in their individual, separate selves. God created them one flesh for said purpose (Genesis 2:24). They share the same basic physical properties but are equipped with different reproductive organs to carry out God’s purpose in creating mankind. God’s purpose cannot be realized between man and man or between two women. It just doesn’t work technically, morally, and spiritually. Any same-sex partnership that mimics the kind of relationship (sexual act included) that God intended to be had only between man and woman is an abomination to Him (Romans 1:26-27).

God created in man and woman the desire or urge for sex, independent of the time factor, as the ultimate expression of their love—not LUST or LIKING—for one another. That’s why there is orgasm in sex; also why the urge for it could come any time to either the man or the woman. Contrast this to the sexual behavior of animals and other living organisms that copulate or mate by instinct in response to nature’s call solely for the purpose of reproduction, hence, cyclical or seasonal.

Satan hates mankind because of their potential to be in God’s Kingdom while he himself will be cast out. He is thus bent on destroying man and one of his more effective tools in carrying out his evil plan, is the drive for sex. It’s a weakness that he observed in Adam when he consented to Eve’s seductive invitation to eat the forbidden fruit. He had since perfected his craft and has never stopped corrupting the minds of people with lust through the ages, down to our time. Worst, he has influenced man to perform perverted acts even savage beasts do not do.

God knew, from the very start, of men’s (and women’s) weaknesses as regards sex so He set guidelines for sexual behavior and responses by way of the written code (the law) which Jesus Christ later magnified in His “sermon on the mount.” He instituted marriage to formalize and bind the union of the man and woman in love with each other. God intended that sex, in fulfillment of His purpose and as an expression of love, must be done within the confines of marriage between husband and wife. He then richly blesses the faithful relationship with the birth of lovable kids and a happy, God-centered family. God hates sex outside marriage. Satan, however, greatly delights in it.

While the basic physical act of intercourse is the same for both man and other living creatures, the objective, however, is different. That’s why with man, God incorporated the element of love in the process. God wants children who are born because of love and not because of lust.

Sex is the most wonderful experience a man and a woman in love could enjoy in their physical lives if done with God’s Plan of the Kingdom in mind. It is not only gratifying but also truly fulfilling since by said act, the child that God forms after His likeness and image—a replica of Himself—is brought forth and with each child born, God’s Master Plan of the Kingdom gets closer to realization.


That's just about it for now. Thanks again for the time. Oh, by the way, if the above excerpt made any sense to you and you want to read more of the book mentioned above, feel free to request a copy. I'd be more than happy to share it with you. After all, it's not mine. It's GOD's.

Have a nice day. Till next post. C ya.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Our HEALTH Is Our REAL Wealth ...

When I was young, I didn't bother at all about my health. Just like any healthy kid, then and now, health was the least of my concerns, even though it was a subject we studied in school. Thankfully for me, I grew up in a remote rural village where the only health-destroying junk food one can buy from stores were candies. But even that didn't appeal much to me as freshly picked fruits were more delicious to the palate. For meat, milk, eggs and vegetables, we didn't have to take the trouble of crossing a river and ride a rickety bus 20 kilometers to the nearest market. We raised poultry and grew vegetables in our backyard for our needs and to share with neighbors. Our farm animals provided the milk. Thus we had a daily supply of farm-fresh and healthy foods that didn't cost us a penny but the time we spent in growing them.

Years later I moved to the big city, hundreds of miles from home, for my college education. It was altogether a new life for me with so much city glitter to feast my eyes on. Food has always been my FIRST interest so on my first trip to the supermarket, the beautifully packaged foodstufs prominently displayed on the shelves with images of mouth-watering, finger-licking "so delicious" food, grabbed my attention ... and had me buying without hesitation.

Did I like what I bought? No. Maybe because I was not used to the taste of processed food the same way that city kids do not enjoy eating natural foods because they are not used to it. Over the years, that bias never changed. And boy, was I grateful that it was so because, without me realizing it, it kept me in tip-top shape all along, healthwise.

So I grew up in the best of health and remained so to this very day. I've never experienced hospital except once when I figured in a minor vehicular accident on my way home from work for which I was brought to the hospital by my cousin, a doctor, who closed the cut on my leg with a 9-stitch needle work. But I didn't have to lie in bed. I went home right after the treatment. Oh, yes, I did get sick through the years but they were ordinary ailments like flu, colds, headaches, upset stomach.

At my age now (secret), as I reflect on life, I couldn't help but be thankful that I grew up eating -- and loving -- natural foods. Quite a number of my friends, some of whom years my junior who were born with a silver spoon in mouth, are now suffering from degenerative diseases like heart ailments, cancer, diabetes, etc., and are hospital frequenters; some spending days on end in a wheelchair for the rest of their lives, others already "gave up the ghost."

So ... what's my point in saying all these in this post?

Well ... I just wanted to share my view, developed from experience, that HEALTH is our only REAL WEALTH in this life. Lose it and everything else becomes meaningless.

You may be the richest man on earth living in a palatial home, traveling the world on your own Gulfstream G550 jet, riding the waves in your own multi-million dollar luxury yacht but ... would you appreciate food if you are suffering from stomach ulcer or colon cancer? Would you desire to take part in a dance party with friends when you are stuck in your wheelchair? Would you gleefully sing under the shower when you have to be assisted to be able to bathe?

So don't take your health -- and your family's -- for granted.

Now, let me share with you an information I stumbled on while searching the net for info about a friend's heart ailment to be educated about the disease. "Forewarned is forearmed," as the saying goes. 

You see, I always turn to OTC drug whenever I feel sick to relieve me of the physical pain that's afflicting me, albeit ordinary, like migraine. So I was skeptical, at first, about the author's statement (especially because she's not a medical authority) that one doesn't need chemical-based medical remedies to get cured of every disease that he/she may be suffering from ... that even the terminally-ill have hope to be restored to vibrant health without having to go under the knife or be subjected to painful radiation therapy.

But as I read through the information, I saw her point. She may be "just" a researcher/writer but the information she spent years researching and generously shares in her book, frrank and honest, are much more credible than any knowledge and education that could be gained from medical schools or those propounded by biased scientists.

Her research is not without objective scientific proofs. But even if it is not backed up by actual cases of successful clinical treatment of people who have recovered completely from life-threatening diseases and published as case histories, I am inclined to agree with her because of the glaring fact that in spite of advancements in medical science and technology, there is no end to the growing number of people getting sick -- and sicker -- necessitating, thereby, the putting up of more hospitals, especially in the third world, since existing ones are bursting at the seams such that patients had to to be accomodated and treated in hallways and corridors.

I'd like to tell you more about the book but I'd rather that you read the information yourself at so you can better appreciate its value as the information that the world needs very badly. A chapter of the book can be downloaded for free.

Relative to our topic, I am deeply saddened by the news of the death of one of my favorite actors, Patrick Swayze, who lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. I was just thinking maybe ... just maybe ... he could have been saved from an untimely death had he known about the ONE-MINUTE CURE book.

We have lost another great actor (how many more would we lose?) to the scourge of cancer which medical science cannot -- and never will -- find solution to for as long as it remains a tool of the pharma industry for revenue growth rather than for the interest of the public at large, that is, disease prevention instead of merely treating symptoms.

Indeed, something is wrong -- really, really wrong -- with our health care system. But it is a multi-billion dollar industry now fast approaching the trillion dollar mark. It's good business, don't you think? The more people falling ill, the more money in the bank, right?

Never mind if the wretched sick are sucked dry down to their last penny and then ... die. Who cares? Not the giant pharmas! Not the greedy capitalists! Not the heartless doctors! ... not the funeral parlors!

Would you simply go on with your life as though you'll never get sick ... never die of disease? 

Well, it's been another fulfilling day on this blog writing something meaningful to share with you. Thanks again for your time reading. I would appreciate a comment from you.

Have a nice day. C ya.