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Friday, April 25, 2014

Understanding the Concept of Work

GOD originally intended that our first parents WORK, not for daily sustenance that they may live but to be co-creators with HIM ... to create and beautify the earth and enjoy life. That explains why man, compared to animals, can design and build. They did not have to worry about food or clothing or shelter because GOD would provide all that they needed to live. HIS only condition was: that they obey HIS commands and walk HIS way.

Enter the author of lies, the Devil who deceived Eve, who, in turn, (enticed, tempted, seduced, persuaded [pick the appropriate word]) Adam who didn't know better than lower his defenses, lose control of his faculties and give in. He turned his back to GOD and willfully disobeyed HIM all for a bite of the ... you know what.

As a consequence of this transgression (Law of Cause and Effect), the undeserved, abundant support from GOD to sustain life was withheld and for man to toil all day to put food on the table. And it has been so through the ages down to our time.

But ... unfortunate and sad that one act of our first parents might have been for humanity, GOD did not totally deprive man of HIS blessings of wealth, vibrant health and happy, fulfilled life if he turns from his rebellion, repents of his crooked ways and choose to follow GOD. We get a glimpse of this in the lives of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Job, David and Solomon who worked not for sustenance but to help others in accomplishment of GOD's purpose in creating man which is to do GOOD WORKS.

What this means is that meaningful success doesn't come about by our own efforts at work though by the work of our hands, we may enjoy comfort and acquire great wealth and material possessions. Meaningful success that equates with happy, healthy, wealthy, successful and fulfilled lives is a blessing from GOD.

And ... it all begins in the mind.