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This blog saw the light of day in 2009 after the article that I wrote about the Law of Cause and Effect and its impact on one's business and life was accepted for publication on The idea of coming up with a blog where I can freely publish my thoughts, observations, insights and ideas about life and other matters that are more important to one's existence than the material things that can be acquired, then entered my mind.

My first posting was the article above-mentioned. 

The first few weeks of this blog on the Internet could be likened to the many days of a book lying on the shelf gathering dust with no one bothering to take a look. For a while, I was beginning to lose interest and thought of just forget about blogging altogether. 

But the desire to share the stuff I've got prodded me on. I thought: it doesn't matter that the blog isn't popular. What matters is the impact of its content(s) on the visitor-reader who'd take to serious reading what's written and act on it. Even if only 1 person in the world is all that is impacted by what I write (moved to do something to improve his/her life ... and succeeds), then I shall have accomplished something meaningful for the benefit of others and the blog shall have served its purpose. Life, after all, is not simply living for the self but for our fellowmen, as well.

Then I started receiving comments. One young man even wrote me that he's learning from what I am writing. That inspired me and so ... the blog exists to this day and will continue to exist as long as I live.

One thing that I just want to make clear. I am not an accomplished writer and English is not my native tongue. For all of this blog's imperfections, I ask that you be more understanding.

Thank you very much.



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